Inheritance Law

Whether you lost a loved one recently or several years ago, we can help you handle everything regarding their estate. We are experienced in all types of inheritance proceedings. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Nationwide title searches

We can travel throughout Greece and conduct title searches to locate all types of real estate as well as investigate the legal status of a specific property.

Acceptance of Inheritance proceedings

If you are the next-of-kin of a deceased relative, certain steps are required before you can legally inherit your share of the estate. We can handle the process for the Acceptance of Inheritance, without your presence in Greece being required for any reason. We will take care of all the requirements for you and provide you with an original Title Deed for your property.

Certificates of Heirship

If you are entitled to collect funds from a deceased relative’s bank account, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Heirship from the Greek Surrogate Court. We can prepare and file the required petition on your behalf as well as prepare all necessary documents.


We can handle the Probate Proceedings on your behalf. We can conduct investigations to determine if a will exists, arrange for the publication of all types of wills, as well as handle the process of contesting a will. We can also register a foreign will to make it enforceable in Greece.

Forced-share Proceedings

Under Greek law, you cannot disinherit your children or spouse (except under very strict conditions). If you have been disinherited, you may be entitled to claim a minimum “forced inheritance share”. If you qualify, we will draft and file a “forced share” lawsuit and represent you throughout all stages of litigation, until you receive your lawful share of your relative’s estate.

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