Tax and Financial Matters

If you are a US citizen, you likely have an obligation to file tax returns in the United States (regardless of your place of residence or employment). We can guide you through the new regulations (FATCA, FBAR, etc.) and can help you resolve any issues you may have with your bank in Greece.

We can handle any and all tax matters on your behalf (drafting and filing tax statements, assigning your tax matters to an experienced accountant, etc.). Greece has had a mandatory online tax filing policy for several years now. This requires each taxpayer to have an online tax username and password and all notices pertaining to your tax obligations are entered into the online tax filing system. If you have neglected to comply with these regulations, we can help. We will set up your online tax filing profile, issue a username and password as well as file any retroactive Income or Real Estate Tax statements that may be required for you to be current with your tax filing obligations. We will also pay your taxes and any fines due.

Translation and Certification of Documents

Need a document translated in a hurry? Don’t wait two weeks for the Greek translation office to do the job.

Ms. Kallergi is fluent in Greek and English and can translate documents between the two languages accurately and promptly. She can translate and certify all types of legal documents, such as certificates (birth, death, or marriage certificates), court judgments, tax documents, contracts, etc. Attorney translations and certifications have the same legal force as those prepared by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are accepted by all State authorities and private organizations.

We can also handle translations and certifications of Greek documents for use in English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, the US, Australia, South Africa, etc. Whether you need to update your foreign bank account file or submit proof of your educational credentials abroad, we can assist with all your documents (utility bills, proof of address, Family Status Certificates, Tax Statements, Certificates of Incorporation of legal entities, etc.).

Recognition of Foreign Judgments

Many people are surprised to find out that being married in one country doesn’t mean being legally married in another county. Many do not realize that child support and alimony awarded in one country is not automatically recognized in another.

Greece does not automatically recognize foreign judgments that were issued outside the European Union.

Before you can derive the rights and benefits of a foreign judgment, a recognition of the foreign judgment is necessary by the competent Greek courts. For instance, if you are a Greek citizen who obtained a divorce abroad, you will still be considered married in Greece until your foreign divorce judgment is recognized by a Greek court. Monetary judgments granted by a foreign jurisdiction or even Certificates of Heirship and Grants of Probate are also not automatically recognized in Greece. The execution of most foreign judgments will require their recognition by a Greek court.

Ms. Kallergi will expertly, quickly, and cost-effectively navigate the bureaucratic recognition process on your behalf—without the need for you to travel to Greece at any stage of the process.

Service of Process

Compliance with the local Civil Procedure Rules is crucial to the legality of the service of process.

There are several treaties in effect regarding the service of process of judicial and extrajudicial documents in different jurisdictions.

If you are an individual living abroad or are a foreign attorney looking to serve a document drafted in your jurisdiction to an individual or entity in Greece, we can help you.

Ms. Kallergi can prepare an order for service, retain a local Process Server or Court Bailiff, monitor the service of process, procure the Affidavit of Service, translate it and return it to you, all in full compliance with the Hague Convention and the Greek Civil Procedure Code.

Corporations and Trademarks

Ms. Kallergi is experienced in trademark infringement and unfair competition cases.

Provided your corporate trademark is registered with the European Union or the Greek authorities, we can ensure that you receive the protection you are entitled to in matters concerning injunction measures (unauthorized usage of protected trademark on websites, printed material, products, etc.), unfair competition lawsuits, and damages for the unauthorized trademark usage period.

Civil Litigation

Compliance with the local Civil Procedure Rules is crucial to the legality of the service of process.Ms. Kallergi is experienced in various types of civil litigation. Some of the cases she handles include debt collection (extrajudicial and judicial procedures), breach of contract, torts, and eviction proceedings.

Please inquire with our office should you require assistance in regards to another civil matter, as we may be able to assist you.

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