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The present Privacy Policy is an indispensable part of the Terms of Use of this website.

Management and protection of the users’ personal data is governed by the provisions of Greek and European Union law as well as any applicable international treaties regarding personal data protection, the decisions of the competent Authorities and the present terms.

The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi will maintain and process personal data of the users of this website that become known to it, while taking all suitable measures in order to protect the privacy of this data. Therefore, users’ personal data will never be shared with a third party, except if such sharing is mandated by Law or the competent authorities. Processing of this data will take place only for communication, statistical or historical purposes as well as for the purpose of improving services offered through this website and the user is presumed to have provided consent to such processing by using this website. If no contrary instructions are given, the Law Offices of Olga Kallergi are entitled to using this website’s users’ personal data for the additional purpose of remote advertising of their services.

This website may contain links that redirect the visitor to other articles, pages, or Blogs, including some maintained by third parties. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the Attorney Olga Kallergi include these links only to facilitate the visitors of this website and the presence of such a link on this website does not imply liability for the linked site or approval or promoting of the linked site, its administrators or its content. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the Attorney Olga Kallergi do not guarantee the operation of these links. Problems that may arise during visisitng or using such linked sites are the exclusive liability of the relevant websites and their administrators.

Any minors using this website are not allowed to access services that may be considered unsuitable for minors and which cannot be controlled.

The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the Attorney Olga Kallergi reserve the right to amend or revise this Privacy Policy at any given point in time, without notice to the users. Such changes, amendments, revisions, additions or deletions to this Privacy Policy will be immediately in effect from their posting. Any use of this website after such change or revision will be construed as an acceptance on behalf of the user of these changes, amendments, revisions, additions or deletions.

Cookies Policy

This website may use cookies to identify the visitor/user of certain services and pages of the website. Cookies are small files containing information, which are saved on a visitor’s hard drive, so that each time this visitor connects to this website, it retrieves this information and can offer to the visitor relevant to this information services. They are used only for the purpose of facilitating the visitor’s access to certain services of this website and for statistical reasons, in order to determine the areas of this website that are useful or popular.

The present website may also use cookies to manage connection periods, to offer custom-made webpages and to adjust advertising content so that it meets the individual needs and interest of its visitor. Cookies may also be used to compile anonymous statistics that allow the administrators of this website to discover how the public uses this website and help improve its content and structure. This information does not allow for the discovery of the visitor’s identity.

The visitor of this website may adjust his or her browser in such a way that a warning is given regarding the use of cookies by certain services of this website, or that prevents the acceptance of cookies at all times. Certain functions of this website are only available through the use of cookes and should the user choose to reject cookies, it is possible that he or she will not have access to these functions. The absolute necessary cookies are required for the proper function of this website. They allow the visitor to navigate through the website and use its functions, such as accessing safe areas. They do not identify the individual visitor. Without these cookes, this website cannot function properly.

All data collected through the use of cookies on this website, is processed and saved exclusively in the form of anonymous statistical data and does not have any direct connection to the person and identity of the visitor. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the Attorney Olga Kallergi will under no circumstances sell or trade data collected in such a manner.

Consent for use of Cookies

Upon entering the main page of this website, the visitor receives notice of the use of cookes, which is in notable position and directs to this Privacy Policy. In the event that the user chooses to navigate through other pages of this website and in the event that he or she has adjusted his or her browser settings accordingly, he or she is presumed to have provided their express consent to this use. Otherwise, he or she is obliged to refrain from navigating through this website or deactivate the use of cookes on his or her browser settings.

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