Family Law

While some marriages end amicably, many couples find divorce fraught with uncertainty and stress, especially when children are involved. Divorce and child custody litigation can result in judgments that affect a person’s rights and life for years. Whatever your situation—an amicable settlement or a disputed divorce—you need a competent lawyer to protect your rights and best interests. Attorney Olga Kallergi has been handling complex family law cases for over 15 years and will fight aggressively for the best possible result for you.


Whether you and your spouse are considering a consensual divorce or whether all bridges of communication have been broken and a contested divorce is the only available path, we can help you. The uncertainty of divorce and court proceedings can seem daunting if you don’t know what to expect. You needn’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated. We will prepare you for each phase of the proceeding and help make the process as smooth as possible.

We also know that domestic violence is prevalent across all social and economic strata. We are sensitive to the needs of spouses who have been subject to physical, psychological, and/or economic abuse and can offer help and advice for a new, safe life away from the abuser.

Child support, child custody, and visitation rights in Greece

If you and your spouse are separating or divorcing and you have minor children, then issues such as child support, child custody, and the non-custodial parent’s visitation rights must be resolved. Despite changes to the system, there is still no specialized family court in Greece. This can sometimes affect the way justice is administered, but our firm can help you navigate through the additional obstacles this poses.

We handle all types of proceedings, depending on the urgency and circumstances of your matter, such as injunction proceedings, emergency orders, or regular actions. We are experienced in complex negotiations and agreements and work with your children’s best interest at heart. We will not encourage you to remain caught up in endless disputes if a swift, amicable resolution can be accomplished. But if there is no room for cooperation, we will fight aggressively to protect your parental rights. We remain committed to resolving family law matters in the least stressful and most efficient way for your family.

We are also experienced in matters regarding international families (such as parents from different cultural backgrounds) and have an active cooperation with major family law firms abroad.

International Child Abduction

There are many layers of protection built into systems of travel to protect minors from abduction, like the requirement for both parents’ consent to the issuance of a passport to minor children and the required written consent of the non-accompanying parent verifying the permission of the other parent to travel with their child. Enforcement in Europe is generally good. Despite this, international parental child abduction is not uncommon.

Before deciding to travel with a minor child, especially if your marriage or relationship to your partner is tense, you should first consult with an experienced family law attorney to ensure your actions will not jeopardize your parental rights.

In instances of parental child abduction, The Hague Abduction Convention provides the framework for the prompt return of the child to the country of his or her habitual residence, between countries who have signed and ratified the Convention (the number of which now stands at 101 in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and parts of Africa). Greece is a member to said Convention and its Courts will address any child abduction claims forwarded by other Member States.

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