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Each visitor of this website must carefully review the following terms of use before visiting the pages and, in case of disagreement, he or she must refrain from using this website. Otherwise, the visitor’s approval and consent is presumed. The present terms of use apply to all content of this website. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the attorney Olga Kallergi retain the right at any given time to amend the present terms of use and all visitors of this website must each time review these terms regarding revisions and by continuing to use the website it is presumed they have accepted the amended terms.

User/Visitor Obligations

Visitors/users of this website must comply with the rules and regulations of Greek, European Union and International Law and refrain from any illegal or abusive use of the content and services of the website. Any damage that may be caused to this website as a result of unlawful or malicious use of its services by the visitor is the visitor’s sole responsibility.

Restriction of Network Liability

The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the attorney Olga Kallergi take caution to ensure the information and content of this website are as accurate and precise as possible. Under no circumstances, including negligence, can they be held for any damage caused to the visitor/user due to use of this website.

All information and content on this website is provided «as is», without any express or implied guarantee. This website contains articles, announcements and news regarding legal issues. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the attorney Olga Kallergi do not guarantee that information contained in said articles, announcements, news or updates published on this website’s pages (or third party sites, blogs or pages that this website may redirect the visitor to) is current or accurate beyond the date of its publication.

Anything provided to the visitors through this website is in no direct or indirect way an encouragement, advice or instigation to commit any action; the visitor/user of this website has discretion over evaluating what is provided and acting on their own volition and liability.

Personal and Industrial Property Rights

The content of the website www.olgakallergi.law and the software required for its operation, all logos, images, graphics, photographs, texts and all files of the website in general, are the intellectual property of the Attorney Olga Kallergi and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek, European Union and International Law. They cannot be, partially or entirely, the object of sale, copy, amendment, reproduction, republishing, transmission or distribution in any way, except in the case of saving a single copy of part of the content on a personal computer for personal use and in such case only with the indication of its origin from this website, without infringing upon the relevant intellectual property rights. Reproduction, republishing in whole or in part, copying or sale or any content of this website is strictly prohibited. Republishing informative articles is allowed upon the written consent of the Attorney Olga Kallergi, if meant for personal use only and there is reference of their source in the end part (i.e. Article by Olga Kallergi and placement of the source of origin www.olgakallergi.law with a link).

Reproduction, downloading, transmission, recording or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is allowed only upon the written consent of the Attorney Olga Kallergi.,

Any unlawful use or any of the aforementioned actions will constitute infringement of the intellectual property rights of the Attorney Olga Kallergi (including copyright and database rights).

Personal Data Management

The visitor’s/user’s personal data management and protection is subject to the terms of the present as well as the relevant provisions of Greek and European Union legislation as well as the relevant international treaties. The present terms take into consideration the rapid technological developments and internet development as well as the existing regulations regarding these matters. In this context, any future relevant regulation will automatically be considered part of the present section. The Law Offices of Olga Kallergi and the Attorney Olga Kallergi reserve the right to amend the terms of personal data protection upon notifying visitors/users and within the existing or future legal framework. Should a visitor/user disagree with the personal data protection terms provided herein, they should refrain from using this website.

This website accepts personal data entered by visitors/users/members when they register with its services or fill in the contact form.
During the registration of a visitor/user to this website’s electronic services, the following information is requested: Name, Telephone Number and Email address.

This website uses visitors/users’ personal data for the following purposes only :

-support services to its visitors/users
-informing visitors/users regarding legal developments and

-responding to questions raised to the Law Offices of Olga Kallergi through the contact form on this website.

Restitution and damages

It is hereby expressly agreed that in the event that a lawsuit or claim (administrative or judicial) is filed against this website, associated or due to any form of violation from a visitor of this website, he or she is obliged to participate to the resolution or adjudication process and pay restitution or damages to the Administrators of this website in the event that they are ordered to pay such to a third party.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present terms and the use of this website are governed by Greek Law, the applicable European Union regulations and any relevant International Treaties.

If any of these terms are declared invalid or void, they will automatically cease to be in force, without affecting the validity and force of the remaining terms.

The non-exercise by the Attorney Olga Kallergi of any rights derived from the present terms will not constitute a waiver of such rights.

Any disagreement arising regarding the use of this website, will be resolved by mediation. In the event that mediation fails to resolve the dispute, the Courts of Athens Greece will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute regarding the use of this website.

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